Godot Wild Jam 23. Our first take at game development :)

You are digital nomad - Robert Nomadsky. Stuck in North Korea you need to put your freelancing survival skills to the test and reach home. Freedom.

  • 5 beautiful locations and soundscapes
  • Almost 150 different cards, actions
  • 15 different tech courses with quizzes
  • Buy upgrades, manage food, mood, health, karma, rating, sleep, etc.
  • Pets!
  • Two endings

Play time: ~ 30 minutes (around 30 in-game days). What's the fastest time you can beat the game in?

Completely open-source: submit your cards, balance, logic and even levels! Boom!



Nomadsky.dmg 22 MB
Nomadsky.exe 41 MB
Nomadsky.x86_64 47 MB


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Is there a way to not have your pets run away? It says you're supposed to pet them, but when I click them nothing happens :( I am very sad

Keep your karma up and you'll have less misfortune :)

Pets don't want just one click, they want at least 10 :D they won't react every time.

HAAHAHAHAHA great game! congrats

Thanks :))